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Fright Night Screen Shots

Watched it (abslutely awesome episode; one of my favorites) on Disney, and took some screen shots. [=


Gah! I havn't seen this episode yet. :-(

I need to see it. Like now.
Oh, it's a GREAT episode!
I've been needing to make a comment about a certain scene in this episode for a while now, so I figured this is the best place to post it. (It is Dasey-fied anyway.)

Did you notice that Derek and Casey had a civil conversation in the kitchen scene? Sure, Casey sported an evil grin (I enjoyed her evil smirks toward Derek in this episode), but Derek made no rude comments towards her AND he offered her chips.

Since when does Derek offer Casey anything willingly!?!

It just struck me as strange.
I absolutly adored that scene. She may have been up to no good (those smirks were wonderful) but he was doing it without question; just being nice.

Of course, my dasey warped mind loves that scene!

Love, Tarryn